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Barbell Rescue

Barbell Rescue Nylon Brush (inserts included)

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Say hello to Barbell Rescue and goodbye to those small, flat, time-wasting brushes! This barbell brush provides more bristle coverage than any other brush currently on the market. It was designed to help you save time by easily and efficiently cleaning and maintaining your barbells. If you are a gym owner, keep your clients safe and protected by quickly cleaning your barbells between classes! 

Whether you are a busy gym owner, garage gym junkie, globo gym goer, or traveling fitness fanatic, let Barbell Rescue help protect you and your barbells. 


  1. Remove your dried chalk, blood, sweat and tears with your amazing Barbell Rescue Brush!
  2. Apply cleaning product of choice (we're personally fans of 3n1 Oil ®)
  3. Scrub that cleaning solution deep into those knurlings with your marvelous Barbell Rescue brush!
  4. Wipe down your bar with a towel to help remove any excess cleaning solution.
  5. Stand back in awe on how easy it was to clean your bar!
  6. Get back to doing what you love to do!


Nylon bristles may be used on any barbells and on some equipment. This includes cerakote, zinc, and stainless. If in doubt, reference your barbell or equipment manufacturer’s cleaning and maintenance recommendations. In addition, the intended use of this product is for the above mentioned items, not personal use. Barbell Rescue will not be held liable for any damage caused to persons, barbells and/or equipment.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Luckie phan
Great brush

It's a great brush but it's a little hard to clean the dumbbell handles since it's too thick

Jesse Ohliger

I used with some cleaning oil on the old bars at my gym Primal Fit MIami. Got them looking like new in seconds! The owner of the gym loves them and WOULD DEF PAY 75 to 99 for this special product i know itll last as its excellent quality!

Thanks Jesse for the awesome review and kind words!!! Our brush was built with the gym owner in mind, saving them time with a premium product so they can get back to doing what they love. We are beyond grateful the owner is loving them! Thanks again!

Rob M
Clever product

Makes cleaning barbells well easier and less messy

Easy and less messy...that's music to our ears! Thank you for taking the time to leave us a 5-star rating! Much appreciated!

As Good As It Gets

I've been using power drill brush attachments before this; I wish I had made the switch much sooner. This is an extremely effective specialized tool to clean your barbell. I was able to scrape everything off of my OPB without even using 3-in-1 oil, the spring mechanism clamps onto the bar to keep it from falling but leaving you free to apply as much pressure as you want, and the bristles are stiff enough to get between the volcano knurling grooves. It's constructed very well and feels like it'll last a long time.

Thank you for the 5-star rating! We are thrilled you made the switch too, and, naturally, we love that you are loving all the benefits of the brush! Thanks!

Very effective

I just tried it out for the first time. I’m very impressed. The brush does a really nice job of scrubbing the bar clean and it feels like it’s built to last forever.

Thank you, Dave, for the wonderful review! Building a product that was professionally manufactured and built to last were two of our primary goals from the beginning.