Easily Clean & Maintain Your Barbells


    Save time with 335-360 degrees of brush coverage. Don’t use another flat brush on a round object. 


    Engineered to fit standard male and female size barbells.


    Nylon bristles are versatile and even recommended by most barbell manufacturers when cleaning their bars. 


    Elevated edges to better collect the debris vs standard brushes. Less mess on the floor, less breathing in the dust.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to clean my barbell?

Simply put, you've spent a lot of money on your barbell(s) and regular cleaning and maintenance will prolong the life of your barbell and lead to longer optimal performance.

How often do I need to clean my barbell?

This varies greatly depending on where you live (high humidity), how often you use your barbell(s), and how many you have. That said, for a gym owner, we suggest weekly or every other week. For home gym owners, every 2-4 weeks will probably suffice. Daily would be ideal, especially if you use chalk. Again, take into consideration your local climate, how often you use the barbell, how much chalk you use, and even how much you sweat. It all adds up and can lead to rust build up if neglected.

How do I clean my barbell?

For quick daily cleaning, scrub the barbell with your brush after use and call it a day. For a little more in depth cleaning; 1) remove dried chalk, blood, sweat and tears, 2) apply cleaning solution of choice 3) scrub solution into bar with brush 4) wipe excess solution off with dry towel.

Will the nylon brush be safe for cerakote or any speciality finished barbell?

Yes! According to our research, most, if not all, manufacturer’s recommend using a firm nylon or plastic bristle brush. If in doubt, check the barbell manufacturer's cleaning recommendations.

How long do the brush bristles last?

Similar to how often you need to clean your barbell, this depends on multiple variables; local weather, chalk vs no chalk, new bar vs overly rusted bar, one bar vs 60 bars, etc. Personally, I have a garage gym w/ 3 bars, live in Alaska, and use my brush 2-3 times/week for almost a year. It's just now "slowing" down but still effective. Our partner in Tampa, FL coaches at a CrossFit gym w/ ~30 bars, they clean 1-2 times/week and, 6 months later they said they "think" the brush is wearing down but it's still effective.

How do I clean the brush once it gets dirty?

You can easily clean with your brush with a washcloth, warm water, and some dish soap. Use caution with scrubbing the outside of the brush housing as it can be scratched.