Multi-purpose oil

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Introducing Barbell Rescue's Multi-Purpose Oil and Lubricant – the unsung hero of gym maintenance.

We've all been there, faced with a rusty, squeaky barbell that sounds more like a tired old door hinge than a piece of workout equipment. But fear not, because we've got you covered, or rather, your barbells and gym equipment covered!

Other key words we like to use: Non-toxic. Non-hazardous. No odor. No residue. Penetrates, cleans, and prevents rust. Repels water. Reduces friction. Bonds to metal for long lasting protection. Pet Safe - to include humans. Mineral oil based.

Best of all… Manufactured in the USA by PlanetSafe Lubricants, a Veteran owned business.

**Oil and microfiber towel sold separately**

Protection Made Easy

A new and inventive way to clean and maintain your barbell! No more wasted time with those small, flat brushes that only slip out of your hands and bust your knuckles!

Getting Started With Barbell Rescue

4 easy steps on how to clean and maintain your barbells with Barbell Rescue and bonus content on how to grow a killer mustache!

Home Gym Approved!

Hear From the Experts

"A needed piece of equipment in every gym!"

"Makes cleaning a barbell really, really quick and effective."

"Works way better than any alternatives!"

"It's no joke, this barbell brush works!"