Barbell Rescue Nylon Brush

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Say hello to Barbell Rescue and goodbye to those small, flat, time-wasting brushes! This barbell brush provides more bristle coverage than any other brush currently on the market. It was designed to help you save time by easily and efficiently cleaning and maintaining your barbells. If you are a gym owner, keep your clients safe and protected by quickly cleaning your barbells between classes! 

Whether you are a busy gym owner, garage gym junkie, globo gym goer, or traveling fitness fanatic, let Barbell Rescue help protect you and your barbells. 

*Backorder update: New inventory expected on Friday, Sep 22, 2023! All orders to begin fulfillment by Sep 29th. We appreciate your patience and for that we are offering limited time Free Shipping on all orders as a thank you!

Color: Admiral Blue

Protection Made Easy

A new and inventive way to clean and maintain your barbell! No more wasted time with those small, flat brushes that only slip out of your hands and bust your knuckles!

Getting Started With Barbell Rescue

4 easy steps on how to clean and maintain your barbells with Barbell Rescue and bonus content on how to grow a killer mustache!

Home Gym Approved!

Hear From the Experts

"A needed piece of equipment in every gym!"

"It's no joke, this barbell brush works!"

"Works way better than any alternatives!"

"Barbells look brand new after using Barbell Rescue!"