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Barbell Rescue Nylon Brush

Barbell Rescue Nylon Brush

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Say hello to Barbell Rescue and goodbye to those small, flat, time-wasting brushes! This barbell brush provides more bristle coverage than any other brush currently on the market. It was designed to help you save time by easily and efficiently cleaning and maintaining your barbells. If you are a gym owner, keep your clients safe and protected by quickly cleaning your barbells between classes! 

Whether you are a busy gym owner, garage gym junkie, globo gym goer, or traveling fitness fanatic, let Barbell Rescue help protect you and your barbells. 


  1. Remove your dried chalk, blood, sweat and tears with your amazing Barbell Rescue Brush!
  2. Apply cleaning product of choice (we're personally fans of 3n1 Oil ®)
  3. Scrub that cleaning solution deep into those knurlings with your marvelous Barbell Rescue brush!
  4. Wipe down your bar with a towel to help remove any excess cleaning solution.
  5. Stand back in awe on how easy it was to clean your bar!
  6. Get back to doing what you love to do!


Nylon bristles may be used on any barbells and on some equipment. This includes cerakote, zinc, and stainless. If in doubt, reference your barbell or equipment manufacturer’s cleaning and maintenance recommendations. In addition, the intended use of this product is for the above mentioned items, not personal use. Barbell Rescue will not be held liable for any damage caused to persons, barbells and/or equipment.


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Return & Refund Policy

If you are not pleased with your purchase from Barbell Rescue please contact us via email within 10 days of receipt. All refunds are processed to the card used to make the purchase and may take up to 3-5 days from when the return is accepted.

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Easily & Efficiently Clean + Maintain Your Barbells


    Save time with 335-360 degrees of brush coverage. Don’t use another flat brush on a round object. 


    Engineered to fit standard male and female size barbells.


    Nylon bristles are versatile and even recommended by most barbell manufacturers when cleaning their bars. 


    Elevated edges to better collect the debris vs standard brushes. Less mess on the floor, less breathing in the dust.

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Getting Started With Barbell Rescue

4 easy steps on how to clean and maintain your barbells with Barbell Rescue and bonus content on how to grow a killer mustache!

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